BTS Reveals Their Secrets With “TMI” Facts About Themselves

They share some new, juicy facts!

The members of BTS recently went around revealing their “TMI,” or too much information, tidbits! Check out the unique and hilarious things they shared during FESTA 2021 below.

| @BTS_bighit/Twitter

V revealed that he never takes off his stacked bracelets, regardless of what he’s doing.

Jin shared that when he’s too lazy to wash his face, he simply puts his head under the faucet…

…but he has to be careful, or else he might hit his head!

RM revealed his recent food obsession is jjimdak, or Korean braised chicken. He said it’s not the best for a diet but it’s delicious!

J-Hope shared two facts about himself. Since he likes to be tidy, he always collects his hair from the drain after every shower.

He also revealed that he recently went out and bought Suga’s exact speaker after he revealed it on Twitter!

Jungkook also had updates about his studio and shared that he ordered a brand new desk.

Jimin‘s TMI was a little different. He said that he’d been waiting the whole time to scratch his forehead!

Watch their full discussion below!