BTS’s V Plopped down Right in Front of His Fans and Almost Gave Them a Heart Attack at Recent Concert

That must have been so surreal…

BTS recently performed for their LOVE YOURSELF tour at the Hong Kong World Expo where they graced their fans with yet another spectacular performance.

Among the individual charms of every member, V‘s particular sexiness stood out to fans during the concert.

While performing to their hit song, “DOPE”, V showed off his majestically blue hair while leisurely visiting various sections of the stage to interact with his fans.

But what really surprised his fans was when he suddenly plopped down onto the stage and made direct eye contact with his fans in the middle of their performance.

On top of that, V nearly gave fans a heart attack by making sexy facial expressions and gestures that were almost too much to handle.

His gorgeous presence was even more impactful from up close, and luckily, fans managed to capture this sight and share it on social media.

Check out some of the rare footage of V looking super fine in the links below:


Source: Insight