Staring Into BTS’s V’s Eyes Is Like “Spending 30 Seconds In Heaven”

You can definitely get lost in them.

On BTS‘s 104th episode of Run BTS!, broadcasted on June 16, the members gathered around to do reforming and recrafting to articles of clothing. Members would be able to have their pick amongst the many decorative and craft options based on how well they perform at different games, such as darts.

Unsurprisingly, V sincerely wanted to do well. When the show’s crew suggest that he have a staring contest with the camera and last at least 30 seconds without blinking, he was more than ready to compete for the best supplies.

V had been wearing black, thick-rimmed glasses the entire time, so they needed to be taken off to have a proper staring contest. The removal of his black, thick-rimmed glasses reminded many of the classic plotlines when the main character’s entire appearance and personality change when they take off their glasses.

While he was locked in the staredown with the camera, the production team edited in witty subtitles to play along with V’s charm, even that they were going to take a brief pause so that they could gaze into V’s eyes themselves.

Subtitle translation: “A brief break from subtitles.”
Subtitle translation: “It will be an unforgettable 30 seconds.”

V’s eyes did start watering and begin to spill down his cheeks, but by that point, he had won the staring contest and his pick of more craft supplies. Fans who were watching the episode live flooded the chat section with comments about V’s camera staredown ranging from “Isn’t 30 seconds too short?” to ” I feel like time and space stopped for those 30 seconds.”

It came as no surprise that V showed such earnest interest in this episode’s task of altering and redesigning clothing. People from countries all over the world consider him to be a fashion icon thanks to unique prints and patterns mixed with trendy accessories, all worn in ways that only V could pull off. Knowing that, the production team said they were still surprised to see V so focused on his work for so long.

Viewers will have to tune in to the next episode (episode 105) to see the result of the V’s creation, but whatever it is, they know it’ll be worth the wait.

Source: V Fanpage