BTS V’s Gifts For K-ARMY Are Making International Fans Want To Move To Korea… After Coronavirus Dies Down Of Course

V prepared goodies for the fans attending BTS’s Music Core pre-recording.

BTS‘sloves all his fans, but there are some perks that only the ARMYs in Korea get to have!

It’s hard for international ARMYs not to envy K-ARMYs. Not only do K-ARMYs get to attend in-person fan signs and fan meetings, they also receive special gifts at events!

On April 20, 2019, BTS performed on Music Core to promote their album, Map of the Soul: Persona. BTS’s members often take turns preparing gifts for the fans who attend their events, and this time it was V‘s turn.

V put together a thoughtful collection of goodies for the fans at the show’s pre-recording. He including a meaningful family photo of BTS, photographs he took…

…and Vitamin C that comes with a cute “Vtamin” sticker.

V also included cards that have been personalized with a “Photo by Vante” text.

His message to ARMYs says, “ARMY I purple you, be healthy, do everything you want to do“.

I-ARMYs can’t help feeling a bit left out, but they hope that the ARMYs who do get to attend have fun!

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