BTS V’s Interesting Method Of Drinking A Café Mocha Will Make You Want To Try It Too

Anyone wanna try?

Although BTS‘s V is known for his top-notch visuals and worldwide talent, his quirky yet charismatic charms is an added bonus! His looks may make him seem a bit cold and chic, but he’s actually a literal bear that loves his strawberries. Take a look below for his unusual yet cute way of drinking his own version of a cafe mocha.

Step 1: Hold a cup of iced coffee in your right hand

Step 2: Smell the coffee

Step 3: Quickly drink the iced chocolate drink that’s in your left hand

V’s special way of drinking a cafe mocha is complete!

I know we all are making the same expression as J-Hope after seeing this!

The main focus of this method is to quickly drink the iced chocolate before the smell of the coffee disappears!

His reasoning for drinking it like this? Taking a look below, you can see he spits out the drink after realizing he accidentally drank iced coffee.

Although on stage he’s strong and charismatic, off-stage he’s just a cutie that doesn’t like bitter things.

Guess he’s just going to have to eat continue eating yummy strawberries intead!

Watch the full cafe mocha method below!


Source: theqoo