When BTS’s V Needed A Sip Of Water, ARMYs Delivered A Bottle At Lightning Speed

“Does anyone have water…?”

BTS and ARMYs have come to trust and depend on each other, as hardworking artists and loyal fans. This means when ARMYs need BTS, the members are there — and when BTS need ARMYs, the fans are right there too.


This reliability was put to the test at the 2019 KBS Gayo Daechukje (also called the 2019 KBS Song Festival), when Jungkook and V wanted some water! While the pre-recorded “Boy With Luv” video was playing, BTS prepared for their live performance on stage. The maknae line figured they could quickly grab a sip of water as the video continued on and they had a moment to spare.


When Jungkook and V realized there is no water on stage, they began asking around — to which their hero-hyung J-Hope responded, by turning to ARMYs in the audience for help. ARMYs immediately scrambled among themselves for a bottle of water, which was then successfully delivered to J-Hope in no time!

J-Hope came to get water from an ARMY. This is crazy. T-T

— Twitter @sweetpersonify


What then happened to the water bottle? Well, it reached Jungkook and quenched his thirst…


… but by the time the bottle ended up in V’s hands, it was go time! Unfortunately, V couldn’t have any. Watch how quickly RM sneaks the water behind his chair when V sets it down on the ground.


Too bad V didn’t get to drink, but good try it was. From ARMYs to J-Hope, then to Jungkook to V, that traveling water bottle became a symbol of BTSxARMY’s dreamy teamwork.