BTS V’s Love And Adoration For J-Hope Is So Cute You Might Not Be Able To Handle It

Who doesn’t love Vhope!

While we all know just how close all the members of BTS are, we just can’t help but smile at the adorable interactions between V and J-Hope that just make our hearts smile. In the 2020 FESTA birthday party video V even revealed his efforts in trying to receive more love and admiration from J-Hope.

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V commented, “About three years ago? I tried really hard to receive love and compliments from J-Hope. I was sad when he didn’t notice or just passed by.”

Let’s take a look at some past moments of V trying his best to show his love and respect for J-Hope!

In this clip, V reveals that J-Hope’s room was right next to his and so every time he saw J-Hope, he felt happy. J-Hope added that he would receive a text from V saying, “Hyung do you want to eat some apple?” showing how much V adored him.

You can see just how close their rooms are with the balconies being just an arms’ length away. This clip of V playing the violin was filmed by none other than J-Hope!

In J-Hope’s bracelet making live stream he reveals that V made him a snack using his favorite fruit, melon!

V even left a comment on Weverse asking people to protect J-Hope by not posting any strange photos.

Please protect our hyung. I won’t reply anymore to those that post strange or inappropriate photos of J-Hope.


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Even during a round of ‘A vs B’, his love for J-Hope shines through!

Jin: Junggkook or J-Hope?

V: J-Hope!

Jin: Ok. J-Hope or Bang Si Hyuk?

V: J-Hope!

Jin: Hmm…J-Hope or ARMY?

V: …..

J-Hope: What kind of question is that? (of course it’s ARMY!)

V remembered that J-Hope had never seen a flamingo before and spent 20 euros playing a game to gift the stuffed animal to him.

He’s always there supporting everything J-Hope does as he dances to J-Hope’s “Chicken Noodle Soup” dance.

Last but definitely not least, here is V just going on and on about how much he likes J-Hope during a live stream that’s being watched by tons of people…and honestly we can totally relate.

On the rolling paper that the members wrote on during the 2020 FESTA birthday party, we can see J-Hope’s true feelings for V too and it’s just too cute.

J-Hope: Taehyung~ You have become so precious to me~ Truthfully, because I care so much about you these days, I sometimes feel an overload of emotions! As an older brother who has seen you grow these past seven years, I am always filled with laughter and full of affection. Let’s grab a meal together soon!

V: You know that there are times where I can only talk to you right? Thank you for always asking first. I was always grateful that you reached out first and asked if there was anything wrong. Let’s meet soon!

No matter what it is, they will always have each other’s back!