BTS’s “V Hit” Will Let HYBE Use “I Purple You”…But Not For Free

The CEO of “VYBE” is all about business.

V‘s famous phrase is free for ARMY to use, but that might not always be true for HYBE!


In 2016, V coined “borahae” (“I purple you”) to express his long-lasting love for BTS fans. It means, “I will trust and love you for a long time.” V chose purple to represent his feelings because purple is the last color in the rainbow.

Over the past five years, “I purple you” has appeared in everything from fan art and advertisements to Weverse‘s Learn! Korean With BTS language series. V has been happy to let HYBE (formerly known as Big Hit Entertainment) use his phrase for free…so far?

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At the end of a recent VSOPE broadcast, J-Hope asked ARMY to fill up the comments with purple hearts. He said, “I purple you is something that Taehyung said. But it developed into so many other things.”

V (left), Suga (center), and J-Hope (right)

Suga, ever the businessman, felt that V deserved a monetary thank you for coming up with the phrase. “Taehyung needs to get royalties,” he said. V agreed!

“Big Hit, if you make something purple from here on out, give me some royalties,” he said, making J-Hope laugh.

Suga jokingly added that V should look into registering a trademark too, to make it official. Who knows? Maybe he will someday!

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