BTS’s V Shares How The Members Feel About Performing Without ARMYs In The Audience

It is the worst of times for both BTS and ARMYs.

In his latest response to an ARMY’s Weverse comment, BTS‘s V revealed how he and the members feel these days — as they have been performing on stage without ARMYs in the audience.

In response to the rapid spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus in Korea, the entertainment industry has taken its safety measure and cancelled all in-house viewings of K-Pop idols shooting their music program performances. Hence, this ARMY wrote:

I miss you guys… I’m playing the album on repeat over and over again… And the more I listen to it, the more I miss you guys!


To this, V replied that the members also miss ARMYs coming to see them. His comment made it clear that it has been tough for BTS to perform in empty studios too, as they’re known to draw great energy from their supportive fans in the audience.

T-T We miss you guys too. It feels like we’re performing in an empty venue…

— V

With that said, ARMYs are heartbroken that they cannot see BTS perform in person. K-ARMYs, who have had their tour dates cancelled, remain devastated that there is no way to see the members live, when they dropped a whole new album to promote.

Unfortunately, no matter how heartbreaking, ARMYs will have to keep being separated until the epidemic coronavirus situation is contained. In the meantime, here are BTS members trying their best to make the most of the audience that they do have:

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Source: THEQOO