No Matter Where He Goes, BTS’s V Is The Man Everyone’s Always Talking About

Be honest though, who wouldn’t?

No matter where any member of BTS goes, there is always going to be a crowd of fans and cameras behind them. V, in particular, has grown to receive significantly more attention when outside of Korea. People who’ve only seen or heard of him in passing, and even those who have no prior knowledge of him, all want to know who he is. He is, quite literally, the man that everyone’s always talking about.

When BTS was promoting “Boy in Luv” in 2014, V was known as the “ipdeok fairy,” or the member who brought the group attention thanks to their appearance or other outstanding characteristics. In this case, it was his bright orange hair, which stood out even more against the much more toned-down-colored hair of his members.

During an appearance on a segment of KBS Cool FM’s Kiss the Radio, the host mentioned a comment about V’s near-highlighter colored hair.

If you type “BTS” into the search box of a search engine, the orange head will appear.


The curiosity and talks about V have only grown stronger with time. Earlier this year at BTS’s 2020 Grammy appearance, everyone wanted to know who was the “guy in all black.”

That same award show yielded this now-infamous look from BTS’s shared stage with Lil Nas X in their rendition of “Old Town Road,” and became yet another search topic to see “who’s the guy in the bandana.”

At the 2019 iHeartRadio Jingle Ball, V became known as the “curly hair guy.”

The 2019 Grammy Awards saw V become known as the “mint hair guy.”

After BTS’s appearance on Saturday Night Live alongside actress Emma Stone, people only wanted to know who “the guy in the blue hair next to Emma” was.

When BTS met the legendary Janet Jackson, V became known for his fire-hydrant red hair (which almost blended in with the wall color).

During a rehearsal session,the group paused to take a quick photo with Ariana Grande, which she shortly after that posted on her Twitter. Fans everywhere wanted to know who was who, so V then became known as “the guy next to Ariana.”

V has also been catching eyes for things other than his colorful hair, including this bright mic he used during BTS’s stop in Saudi Arabia last year that made people search for him as “green mic guy.”

Last month marked the second anniversary of the music video for V’s solo song “Singularity,” and once again, people from all over the world showed another renewed interest. He became a trending topic on Twitter, and the view count, for his music video, saw a spike of over two million (it currently sits at 138 million total views).

It seems that no matter where he goes, what he’s wearing, what color hair he has, or even what color mic he’s holding in, everyone wants to know who he is. V has captured the hearts and minds of people all over the world, and it doesn’t look like he’s slowing down anytime soon.

Source: Star News and Vol.95 Official Twitter