BTS’s Album Just Dropped And ARMY Are Already Demanding A “Dionysus” Music Video

It would be on another level with how bad-ass it’d be.

It’s no secret that BTS‘s new album MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA just dropped, and fans immediately went wild over its release. But, one track they’re loving in particular is “Dionysus”.

The fact that J-Hope majorly participated in its songwriting and production made fans enjoy it even more than they originally had. They’re so proud of what he’s accomplished considering he had no musical experience in those areas prior to joining BigHit Entertainment.

“Dionysus” has a strong, aggressive sound combined with lyrics of partying and drinking in reference to the Greek god of wine Dionysus. So, it’s no surprise that ARMY want a video to match that dark, no-nonsense concept.

The aggressive vibe is such a hit among ARMY that they’re shamelessly ready to head-bang to it like rockstars on BTS’s upcoming tour. Clearly they’re loving it, and J-Hope will be proud.

There’s no doubt the song is one of a kind and matching the lyrics with the Greek mythology of its name is brilliant. Hopefully ARMY get their wish because it’s definitely a banger, and we’d love to see another dark concept.