BTS’s J-Hope Is Starstruck As He Gets A Shoutout From “Kingdom” Actor Ju Ji Hoon


BTS‘s J-Hope is a lucky fan!

He previously made it known that he enjoys the Netflix drama Kingdom. The idol promised to watch the new season of the zombie thriller the next time he’s on a plane.

Ju Ji Hoon, who plays the main character Crown Prince Lee Chang, gave him a warm shoutout in an interview.

J-Hope-nim. I love you. Thank you.

– Ju Jihoon

J-Hope couldn’t help his startled response as he shared his reaction on Weverse.

Daebak [amazing].

– J-Hope

With numerous flustered emojis, a hand-covering-mouth emoji, and a thumbs up emoji, he showed how successful he is as a fanboy!

Kingdom is a period thriller drama that follows Crown Prince Lee Chang investigating the spread of a mysterious zombie plague. Season 2 of Kingdom was released last March 13.