BTS’s J-Hope’s Speech Will Inspire You And Make You Just A Little Teary Eyed

Bring out the tissues.

On day two of BTS‘s Love Yourself: Speak Yourself at Wembley Stadium, J-Hope had some special words for ARMY.

And, what he said brought tears to their eyes. He began his speech with, “I was just a little Korean boy,” to signify his humble beginnings and that he’d never imagined that he’d be where he was now.

Then, he followed it with, “But, now I’ve become someone’s love…someone’s pride.” That little boy had entered the hearts of many people and made them proud of everything’s he’s accomplished.

His meaningful words showed how grateful he was for everything he’s experienced and made ARMY that weren’t there cry along with the ones that were.

J-Hope was a child just like everyone else and he pursued his dreams to become everyone’s hope. He’s the perfect example of anything being possible. And, it truly is with hard work.