BTS’s Jimin Has One Habit When Shopping That Reveals What Kind Of A Person He Truly Is

His habit when shopping gives us a glimpse of his true personality.

Because of his friendly personality and caring attitude towards his members, BTS‘s Jimin‘s kindness is appreciated by his fellow members and by millions of ARMYs worldwide.

He’s always worried about the well-being of his members, as seen in the way…

…he always tells them to be careful so they don’t hurt themselves.

Or when he checked J-Hope‘s temperature to find out if he’s sick.

How about that time he even told their interviewer, together with RM, to also be careful so that they don’t hurt their hands?

Jimin is concerned with the well-being of his members, not just physical health, but also mental health, like when he encouraged Jungkook who was feeling embarrassed:

All of these moments show how kind Jimin is, but do you think it’s the same thing whenever he goes shopping?

According to Jimin, one thing that always manages to make him happy is whenever he goes shopping.

Jimin likes shopping without planning beforehand so he doesn’t get stressed out when he’s not able to buy what he wanted to buy in the first place.

Considering that the act of shopping is usually a self-focused event…

…Jimin once again shows what kind of a person he is by revealing his habit whenever he shops.

For Jimin, simply going out to buy presents for someone always makes him happy, too!

It seems like Jimin’s kindness is present every day, every time, every where, no matter what he’s doing — and it’s available for everyone he truly cherishes.

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