BTS’s Jimin And V Did Their Own Romantic Dance At Muster And It’ll Make You Wish You Were There

Just look at that form.

BTS has been celebrating their 5th Muster: Magic Shop and stopped in Seoul to give fans everything they’ve been wanting.

As part of the concert, they performed their beloved song “Spring Day”. But, there was something completely unexpected that happened.

Jimin and V decided they would share a dance together because, really, what could be better?

But, they didn’t take it lightly. Jimin made sure to hold V’s hand, despite their microphones, and latched onto his neck to make it look even more serious.

BTS enjoying themselves with something as simple as dancing together is a positive thing to see, especially with all of their busy schedules. And, it’s what plenty of ARMYs would love to see in person.


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