BTS’s Jin Conceding To Slow Down For The Press Proves He’s A Natural Charmer

He did as asked.

BTS traveled to Osaka, Japan, on December 13 for their “Magic Shop” fan meeting at the Kyocera Dome.


The members themselves looked snazzy and comfortable in their outfits, making Gimpo Airport look like an impromptu runway.

As with any place BTS graces their presence with, the airport was filled to the brim with excited fans and reporters alike.

While many idols would understandably be passive when greeting reporters due their tiring schedules, Jin was a complete ray of sunshine.


He lightened up the atmosphere by actually walking in slow motion when a reporter asked the group to slow down.

Jin exaggerated his movements the moment he passed in front of the reporters, bringing a smile to their faces.


Jin made sure they got the best photos of him…


…and even RM was amused enough to copy him on the spot.


Jin once again proves he’s such a charmer!