BTS’s Jin Finally Got Revenge On Jungkook And It Is LeJINdary

You’ll never catch Jin slipping, even in photos.

BTS‘s Worldwide Handsome Jin isn’t about to let anybody block him from being in the spotlight, not even his own members!

From airport appearances to award shows, you’ll never catch Jin slipping. He makes sure his visuals are on display like the works of art they are, at all times.

Back in October 2019, BTS tweeted a group snapshot from their House of BTS visit. The caption says, “The reason that we’re able to smile brightly is because ARMY made us happy.” 

In the photo, Jungkook trolled Jin by blocking his face with his hand. Now, Jungkook is getting a taste of his own medicine!

Jin blocked Jungkook’s face with a sticker in this selfie. To add insult to injury, Jin also captioned the photo “Seokjinnie” as if Jungkook wasn’t even there. He might as well have written, “this ain’t about you!”

Fans, of course, are loving this cheeky post. It’s just so Jin!