BTS’s Jin Wiped His Sweat On Jimin Because Towels Are Overrated

He cooled down after a dance workout, Jin-style.

Why use a towel when you can use a friend?

On April 27, BTS‘s JinSuga, and Jimin showed off their best at-home dance moves for ARMY in a live stream. As always, they gave 110% percent to nail the moves…

…and make fans smile.

By the end of this fun but intense dance session, they were ready to cool down.

Jin easily could have asked the camera operator for a towel or gotten one himself, but no. Instead, while Suga was talking to ARMY, Jin grabbed Jimin’s arm…

…and used his sleeve to wipe his sweat.

When Jimin realized what Jin was up to, he pulled away and playfully Karate chopped Jin’s neck.

Jimin’s shirt probably cost hundreds of dollars, but hey, Jin’s sweat is priceless!

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