BTS’s Jungkook Gave Jimin “Special Treatment” — And His Hyungs Were Not Too Happy About It

Does this mean Jimin is Jungkook’s favorite hyung?

When it comes to the bond that BTS members share with each other, it’s obvious how much they care for one another.

They’re always there, whenever a member needs to be comforted while crying…

…or whenever a member wants to share his happiness with another.

But will their close friendship — brotherhood, even — stand the test of time when “special treatment” can be seen between two members?

The two members refer to Jimin and Jungkook, close friends and caring gift-givers…

…to each other, probably. What started all this hilarious accusation? Read on to find out!

It all started during one of their live interviews where Jimin mentioned that he noticed that Jungkook gave a birthday present to none of the members — except to him.

RM, their leader, added on by saying that they don’t really have a gift-giving culture when it comes to birthday celebrations…

…but why is it that Jungkook gave a birthday present to only Jimin, when in fact, SugaJin and J-Hope also celebrated their birthdays with no gift from him?

But why did he give a birthday present only to Jimin?

– RM

Jungkook continued to keep quiet and listen to his hyungs, when J-Hope couldn’t resist jumping into the discussion. He mentioned that he was present when Jungkook gave his gift to Jimin.

It turns out he wasn’t the only one there: Jin and were also present during the gift-giving “ceremony”!

J-Hope and RM were a bit surprised by Jungkook’s gesture, saying that it was “new” and “unexpected”. Jin also said he thought Jungkook was finally “taking care of others” because of his caring gift…

…which is why he was shocked that Jungkook never did it again.

Finally, RM ended the conversation by saying:

It was the first time and last time.

– RM

Oh well, we may never know the reason for Jungkook’s adorable “special treatment” of Jimin. But don’t you think reading the next article below may give you an idea why? Check it out below!

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