BTS’s Jungkook Proves He’s The ‘Golden Maknae’ Once Again With His Talented Art Skills

We love a talented king.

On May 13, Big Hit Entertainment finally dropped a new BANGTAN BOMB through the official YouTube channel and gave fans a pleasant surprise. It had been over a week since they last released a BANGTAN BOMB episode so fans were thrilled to finally see an update. In this episode, BTS‘s golden maknae Jungkook proves once again that he is good at everything.

While backstage during MAMA, Jungkook starts to draw on the white board.

At first glance, it may seem like he is doodling, but if you keep watching, you realize he’s started another masterpiece.

He begins to add in intricate details, making the drawing seem even more complex.

RM stops by to see what Jungkook is doing and asks if it is an eye in the cloud. Jungkook doesn’t give a clear answer as to what the drawing actually means.

J-Hope is shocked at Jungkook’s work, not believing that he drew that while they were just resting back stage. J-Hope also asks what the drawing is about and Jungkook answers that he didn’t give it much thought.

His art piece slowly comes into completion and another masterpiece is born.

After Jungkook leaves, J-Hope returns hoping that the video editors will edit it to make it look like he made the drawing. Jungkook returns and J-Hope admits that he tried to play it cool as his drawing.

It’s no doubt that Jungkook is a jack of all trades in that there is nothing that he can’t do! He also recently shared some of his drawings through Weverse as well!

Watch the full episode below!