BTS’s Jungkook And RM Have Completely Opposite Habits When It Comes To Eating — And It Totally Reveals Their True Personalities

RM’s reaction to Jungkook’s food still sends.

When it comes to the eating habits of BTS, certain members have opposite personalities.

For example, it’s well known in the fandom that Suga and Jin are different.

Jin, who popularized Eat Jin, loves to savor his food and really express how much he likes eating…

…while Suga looks pretty neutral when he’s eating.

Additionally, RM and Jungkook are also different when it comes to how they treat their food.

Since RM is a bit calm at times…

…he prefers to eat things in a slow and steady pace.

On the other hand, Jungkook has such a zest for life…

…that every time he eats a meal, he feels engrossed in the whole dining experience.

A recent experience which showed their differences in personality was when they both of them chose to eat ice cream. RM approached the counter and simply asked for a plain cone…

…while Jungkook went to the eat-all-you-can counter and proceeded to use all the ice cream toppings he wanted on his plate. Chocolate syrup? Check! Whipped cream? Yes, he’s got it!

And sprinkles? Coming right up!

RM could only look at Jungkook in awe after witnessing him creating his ice cream masterpiece.

Are you more like RM or Jungkook when it comes to your eating habits? Either way, the relationship between the two is family-like, so at the end of the day, they may have opposite personalities, but they’re still as close as a family!

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