BTS’s RM Was Once Allowed To Cook…And It Was Surprisingly A Success?!

RM’s food actually got complimented?!

BTS‘s RM isn’t the greatest chef in the world, where his members even tell him to never cook.

There was perhaps one moment where RM successfully cooked a dish. On an episode of Problematic Men, RM was in a team with Kim Ji Seok, and they had to prepare a 4-course meal. RM was tasked with preparing the dessert dish, but his cooking skills were quickly questioned by the cast.

The cast immediately starts teasing RM because he’s been chopping fruits and vegetables for quite some time.

They also question RM’s dish, where they don’t understand the direction it’s going in.

RM starts combining all his ingredients, which are fruits, vegetables, and energy drinks.

RM even shocks Kim Ji Seok, where he unexpectedly adds milk to the dessert.

The cast can’t help but be shocked by RM’s creation, where they think it’s going to be judged poorly.

Surprisingly, the judges liked RM’s dish. They even complimented the feeling it gave them.

Here is the full video below!