BTS’s RM Reveals How His Friend Inspired Him To Write The Song “Like A Star”

An intellectual king.

BTS’s RM revealed the back story of how the song “Like A Star” came to be through a previous live stream from 2016.

He had received an assignment from the company asking him to write a song about a friend. He met with many friends and finally narrowed it down to one friend. Although the song is about himself as well, he admits that the story was told by his friend which then inspired him to write a song about it.

He reveals that the friend was a quiet but good friend and that the first thing his friend said after they sat down at the table was, “My life was gray at 19 years old.” This sentence came as a shock to RM when he first heard it. He doesn’t remember why that was so shocking to him at the time, but it was something that resonated with him for a long time.

He felt like he understood what his friend was saying in that he didn’t play a lot like the others and he did study, but he didn’t study super hard like some people did. He felt like he was in a vague gray area for most of his life.

He explains that for those that describe themselves as either black or white have this set image that we can imagine or predict, but with the color gray, people can take this in many different ways. Some might think of it as a light gray while others think of a darker gray. The vagueness of people’s perception of the color gray makes it hard to pinpoint a certain image.

RM shows his intellectual side once again with this story as he shows how one thought of a friend allowed him to think about expressing people’s emotions through colors.

He emphasizes the fact that although it may seem like he makes albums easily, it’s actually very difficult for him and that is why he relies on the people around him and artwork and books to help inspire his music.