BTS’s RM Reveals The Time He Felt The Most Helpless And Weak

Are you scared of the dentist?

Although BTS are strong individuals who are able to face their fears and overcome anything, there are still some things that they are scared of! During a live stream conducted by Jimin, he invites RM to be a guest on the show.

“What are you doing? Hello!”

“Our second guest is RM.”

Jimin invited RM to be a guest on his show with Jin taking part of it as well.

“Who was the first guest? Was it Jin?”

“Jin hyung stopped by earlier.”

RM asked what he had been talking about with fans. “What were you guys talking about? What kind of cool stories were you sharing?”

“I wasn’t saying anything cool. I was just saying that I hate going to the dentist.”

Jimin felt so weak and powerless every time he went to the dentist.

Jimin shows with his mouth how uncomfortable it gets when they put in the tool to keep your mouth open at the dentist.

RM agrees with Jimin about how uncomfortable it is. “I know what you are talking about. The thing that they put it in to keep your mouth open.”

“I feel like the most helpless person in the world in that moment.”

“It’s like I can’t do anything in front of the dentist.”

Jimin agrees with RM’s comment.

RM explains that he will be taking out his wisdom tooth and asks if Jimin went to the dentist regarding that.

Jimin reveals that he has never had any wisdom tooth pain.

RM then looks at Jimin with a serious look on his face and recommends that he get a check-up for his wisdom teeth.

Jimin shows with his hand that his wisdom teeth was actually lying down when he took an X-ray.

RM states, “Then you are in big trouble.”

RM then gets out his seat and exits the scene after letting Jimin know that he may have to take out his wisdom teeth.

RM was in such a hurry he left the room barefoot.

RM reveals that it’s more comfortable barefoot and grabs his socks and leaves the room.

Isn’t this how we all feel about the dentist though? There is nothing more scary than having your mouth pried open as the doctor examines your teeth!