BTS’s V Is Such A Genius Even Suga Had To Acknowledge Him

If Suga’s saying it, it’s true.

BTS‘s Suga is known for being one of the wisest members of the group, and V did something so clever that even he had to acknowledge it.

After performing “MIC Drop”, Suga brought to everyone’s attention something that V did on stage. V had taken his cap off during the lyrics “short of hands.”

Since the Korean lyric for “short of” is moja, which also means cap, it was too perfectly timed to be a coincidence. So, Suga asked if he’d done it on purpose.

Everyone claimed that’s why V had done it. But, he didn’t say for sure whether or not he’d planned it or it had just come to him in that moment. He did ask Suga, “Impressed, huh?”


It looks like there’s quite a few geniuses in BTS who love a good play on words. And, who doesn’t?