BTS’s V Gives Fan Advice On How To Deal With Having A Hard Time

BTS and ARMY are a team.

On April 13, BTS‘s V visited Weverse and communicated with fans in the comments. One fan in particular posted a comment regarding having a hard time during school. V left a long supportive reply that truly made the fans’ day.

“I’m currently a senior in high school and I am having a rough time. I feel like I’m always getting pushed around and my heart is always anxious and my mood keeps switching back and forth. I know that all this will pass in time but every time I feel this it’s hard to push through. What do you do when you’re having a hard time Taehyung oppa?”


V saw this post and gave a heartfelt reply.

“I think it’s good to experience these emotions as they happen. It’s okay you are only a senior in high school and you will feel even more emotions as time passes. And if you scroll through the comments on Weverse you will find a whole bunch of beautiful comments. Take a look at the comments when you have time. There are a lot of great words in the comments that could change your mood right now.”

After reading the reply from V, the fan thanked him for his kind words of advice.

“Oppa thank you so much. Thank you to everyone who left supportive messages as well. I think I will be able to have a brighter tomorrow because of everyone’s support and happiness! Let’s all be happy!”

Fellow ARMYs also left encouraging words to support the fan during her hardship.

V’s comment not only gave strength to the poster’s message, but also to all the other ARMYs that read this post. V’s comment could be relatable to many different people and also gave happiness to the fans knowing that V read all their comments. Fans were touched to see that their words and messages on the app gave V the strength and happiness to make it through each day as well. ARMYs and BTS truly have a deeper connection when it comes to support and love.