BTS’s V Needs This Member’s Voice Whenever He’s Working On Music

Their voice just makes everything go smoother for V.

Every single member of BTS is talented in more ways than one, especially when it comes to music. So, V knew who to turn to when the process wasn’t going as smoothly as usual.

When he was recording the chorus for the guide version of “4 O’Clock”, it just wasn’t coming out like he imagined.

So, he revealed what he really needed to make the process easier. He said, “I need Jungkook.”

Since Jungkook had recorded the guide for the song “Hold Me Tight” that he worked on, V wanted his voice once more to make his vision of the song come to life. But, that wasn’t possible.

After becoming even more tired from recording, V wanted to give up and instead recommended once more that Jungkook would be better suited for it.

V was able to finish the guide recording, but it was clear Jungkook was his first choice for making the process quick and painless. Anything worth having takes time though, and V delivered with his effort.