Busan Middle School Students Film Videos Of A Friend Drowning To Death, Lack Of Remorse Shocks Netizens

The boy could’ve survived if they called 911 instead of filming him.

A middle school student in Busan passed away one hour after being rescued, but the story that led up to the tragic incident has gone viral online.

Blue House Petition

Following the incident, national petition regarding Kim Jeong Seok‘s wrongful death has been posted by an anonymous source.

14-year-old Kim Jeong Seok passed away at around 3 on August 4.

Kim Jeong Seok along with 10 other students jumped into the water near Oryukdo Quay. Upon arrival, the 10 students born in 2007 were getting changed to go into the water. But Kim Jeong Seok was in a good mood so he immediately jumped into the water, but he got swept away, so he screamed for help to the other 10 students. But the students thought it was a joke, so they filmed videos and took photos, and once Kim Jeong Seok got even further away, one student reported it. The police and ambulence came and rescued him, but he wasn’t breathing anymore and ultimately passed away. They say he would’ve survived if they reported it instead of filming videos. I ask that the kids who laughed and filmed videos be punished…

— Netizen

The incident itself is tragic enough, but what angered netizens, even more, is how the students showed little to no remorse even after the victim’s passing.

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Not only did the students share the video they filmed of the student drowning in private group chats, but they shared it as public posts as well.

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Moreover, the students joked around in their conversations despite their friend’s recent passing.

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Netizens are reacting to the shocking situation with comments such as “They’re pretty much murderers“, “I’m so pissed off about this“, and “Please start punishing underage kids when appropriate“.

Source: Insight