Buzzfeed claims these 3 “brilliant” K-Pop songs are a must hear for anyone

Get ready for December with these three brilliant K-pop songs recommended by Buzzfeed!

Buzzfeed is back at it again with their monthly playlist series! Each month features a different set of songs with a similar theme. This month’s 28 track playlist featured three K-Pop songs from our favorite groups.

Start your December right and celebrate with these catchy tunes!

1. Wonder Girls – “Why So Lonely”

“Why So Lonely” features a slow tempo with reggae-pop vibes. It is also the first single not written by JYP Entertainment‘s CEO, Park Jin-young.

2. BLACKPINK – “Playing With Fire”

BLACKPINK’s “Playing With Fire” expresses the burning desire that we have for our loved ones.

3. SHINee – “Tell Me What To Do”

“Tell Me What To Do” features vibrant R&B beat with melancholy chords. This song tells the story of desperation and pain in struggling relationships.

It’s amazing that K-pop is receiving more international attention and we hope it continues for a long time.

Source: Buzzfeed