BVNDIT’s Yiyeon Has Gotten Rid Off Her Bangs And People Can’t Believe How Gorgeous She Is

Upgraded visuals.

BVNDIT‘s Yiyeon used to be known for her cute, sweet visuals with her bangs, making her look bright and youthful. The ’95 liner was known for her adorable look!

For BVNDIT’s latest comeback “Dumb,” however, Yiyeon shocked fans by shedding the bangs and rocking a new look.

The absence of bangs makes her look more mature and sexy, and people are praising her for the upgraded visuals. Since she was already pretty, to begin with, people think she suits not having bangs more than when she rocked it.

People are saying that without the bangs, she gives off a similar vibe to Girls Day’s Sojin or Hello Venus’ Nara. It makes sense; those idols are all elegantly beautiful!

Many netizens and fans alike are embracing the new look, and hope that she keeps the ‘do for a while.

Freaking pretty,

– Korean Netizen

Source: Pann