When These Cameramen Needed Help, Idols Came To The Rescue

Not every hero wears a cape!

A cameraperson’s job is never easy especially when it comes to live shows. They have to know who is performing when so that they can focus the camera accordingly and they have to know the perfect time to catch a glimpse of the audience’s reaction. Sometimes it can be extremely hard for them to juggle!


While there have been plenty of times where they received a ton of praise for their steady camerawork and clean angles, there have been plenty more where they’ve received some backlash from fans. Luckily for some cameramen, however, a few K-Pop idols have noticed their struggle and have stepped in to give them a helping hand when they needed it.


Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung is one of those idols. When the girl group was performing in the Philippines, she noticed that the cameraman was having a little bit of trouble focusing on the member that was currently singing.


With a quick and discreet point from Sooyoung, the camera was able to quickly swivel and find Taeyeon in the crowd of girls.


While this bit of camerawork may be considered bad to some people, many fans think the camera’s quick change of focus should be applauded. As well as, Sooyoung’s cute helping hand!


Sooyoung isn’t the only idol who has given a hand to those in charge of the filming either. EXO‘s Baekhyun once helped out a person in need at the 2017 Seoul Music Awards.


As the camera crew was doing their usual routine of filming idol groups on and off stage, the hosts mentioned BTS and the camera’s quickly focused on a group. It was just the wrong group! When Baekhyun noticed what was happening he quickly motioned that it wasn’t his group’s turn to perform.


Thanks to Baekhyun’s wave the cameraman realized the mistake and promptly turned the camera back to focus on the host.


Then there was the time BTS’s Jungkook was seriously applauded by fans for his quick actions. During the 2017 Gayo Daejun, the cameras were checking out the reactions of other idols while another group was performing.


When the cameras focused on BTS and continued to focus on them for a while, Jungkook pointed to the stage telling the cameramen that they needed to focus on the group that was performing.


And with his help, they did!


Each of these sweet actions holds a special place in fans hearts and probably the filming crews’ hearts as well!