You Can Learn So Much About EXO By Watching Them Putting On Lipsticks, Here’s The Details…


You can find out a lot about someone by reading their movement and body language. Who knew a simple task of putting on the lipstick can tell personal information about you? But, that’s how it works. EXO-Ls are noticing the funny difference between EXO members who have sisters from those who only have brothers.

First, let’s start with the members who only have brothers. You can see they are pretty clueless on how to put on lipstick. Although they wear makeup every day, they have a makeup artist who does it for them, so the members never have to put on anything for themselves.

D.O.‘s execution is pretty good, but no one holds their lipstick like that.

Again, two hands! And Baekhyun barely covered half of his lips. We like his confidence though.

Suho is just gliding the lipstick over his closed mouth! He’s so cute, but terrible way to put on lipsticks!

Chen looks like a little penguin! He barely got anything on his lips.

Sehun looks so uncomfortable! You can see he’s laughing at himself.

Now, let’s see the other 3 members who have sisters. You might think it won’t make a big difference, but you’ll be surprised.

Look at Xiumin‘s precise yet confident glide! His full lips are covered and no messy lines.

Chanyeol knows that mouth shape we all do when we put on the lipstick!

Kai is the true master here. All of the expression, precision, and execution are perfect! His two sisters definitely tried some makeups on him!

It might be a coincidence, but how can all three members who have sister be good at putting on lipsticks? They must have learned over the shoulders when their sisters were putting their makeups on!

Source: AOI