The Cast Of “Running Man” Playfully Tease Jeon So Min For Her Recent Dating Rumors With Oh Dong Min

The “Running Man” cast members sure do love teasing each other!

The cast members of Running Man are quite playful with each other, and this was the case during a recent episode when they asked Jeon So Min about her dating rumors with Oh Dong Min. These dating rumors began when the two posted pictures with each other.

While Jeon So Min’s agency denied that the two were dating, this didn’t stop the cast members of Running Man from bringing up the rumors and teasing Jeon So Min about them.

The cast members took it a step further and asked her if the rumors of her going camping with Oh Dong Min were true.

Jeon So Min was quite flustered by this and denied all the rumors the cast members were throwing at her and stated she was just friends with Oh Dong Min.

Here’s the full video below!

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