Here Are Celebrities Who Were Side Victims Of BTS Scandals

They were accused of multiple things.

BTS is on top of the K-Pop entertainment industry which makes them targets for scandals left and right. This increases the likelihood of other celebrities to be inadvertently brought into the mess. As such, here is a list of different stars who were victims of BTS scandals.

1. Suran


R&B singer Suran was brought into the spotlight after a dating scandal with Suga occurred last 2018. Rumors began circulating that the two were dating after Suran uploaded a post on Instagram that mentioned the word “yoongi” in the caption. This word means “shine” in Korean but is also spelled the same way as Suga’s given name.

Netizens claimed the two began dating after Suga produced her 2017 song “Wine.” Suran took to Instagram to explain herself and to deny the accusations.

My relationship with Suga, whom I met last year, was entirely related to music; nothing more, nothing less

– Suran

2. LABOUM’s Solbin

LABOUM’s Solbin was under fire for ending her V-Live abruptly to run after Jin in Music Bank, notably calling his name without using honorifics. This was deemed inconsiderate towards her fans and rude towards Jin who is 5 years older than her and her senior. Other netizens, however, commented that it may have just been a normal interaction between two friends.

Regardless, Solbin apologized for her actions.

I want to apologize to those who were hurt by my careless actions during the V live airing that took place after my last (Music Bank) broadcast. I am sorry

– LABOUM’s Solbin

3. Hash Swan

Finally, Hash Swan is the most recent victim of BTS related scandals. Jungkook was ‘caught’ through CCTV cameras allegedly on a date. Some ARMYs decided that the man in the pictures was Hash Swan and not Jungkook, receiving many hate comments. He has since taken to Instagram to explain that fans were mistaken and to plead that they stop sending malicious comments.

What do you think about these celebrities? Is there anyone else who fits the list?

Source: TheQoo