This Celebrity Wears Gucci Better Than Models, According To Koreans

Koreans think that Jun Ji hyun fits the Gucci brand so well that she wears it better than their runway models!

Jun Ji Hyun’s dazzling figure and fearless fashion sense have made her one of the most well-known fashion icons in Korea.

It’s no secret that she has been at the top of the most wanted list in endorsements from many luxurious brands for years.

She keeps her style trendy and up to date by attending various fashion shows in the industry.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Jun Ji Hyun was actually picked up by Gucci to represent their brand in 2015.

In fact, none other than Patrizio di Marco (the former CEO of Gucci) recommended her to headline their products.

When you look this good in Gucci, there’s nothing you can’t look good in.

Source: Pann