Rapper Changmo Says He’s The Biggest Fan of Red Velvet But Would Choose To Collaborate With Sunmi – Here’s His Adorable Reason Why

Who could blame him?

If you’ve yet to hear of Changmo, you might be living under a rock for he’s been featured on some of K-pop’s largest bops, including Hyolyn‘s “Blue Moon” and “Wine” by Suran.

But the rapper is also a dignified artist in his own right, and has released multiple self-produced songs and albums to date, including “Swoosh Flow” and “Countin’ My Guap” in 2020. He recently guested on SBS Power FM‘s Cultwo Show on the 14th of July 2020.

He shared a funny story about how his stage name came about – his real name is Gu Changmo, but he was forced to promote without his last name due to the fact that there was an existing singer called Gu Changmo, as well as a baseball player. The security guard at his apartment even thought that it was the aforementioned singer that lived in the building, rather than the rapper Changmo!

| @changmo_/Instagram

He also expressed his worries about the current climate. The summer is Korea’s festival season, where many artists perform live all over the country. However, due to the current pandemic going on, artists such as himself, that thrive on live shows, are stuck at home.

Changmo also chose artists such as Beenzino and Jay Park as the artists he respects, as well as his label’s CEO, The Quiett. Changmo chose the moment as well, to confess his love for girl group Red Velvet.

| @changmo_/Instagram

He has been a long-time fan of the group, even listening to their songs during his rookie days to gain strength. He even made the bold statement that Red Velvet was the only group for him! The adorable rapper even admitted that his song was pitted against Red Velvet’s once, on a music chart, as they both vied for first place. Changmo claimed to have wanted Red Velvet to win instead of him.

However, when he was asked if he wanted to feature on a song with the beautiful girls, he declined, saying that he would be too nervous to perform well in front of them. Instead, he chose Sunmi as a singer that he would love to collaborate with! He even praised her latest song, “pporappippam” for being amazing.

While a collaboration between Red Velvet may not be in the works just yet, Changmo has already collaborated with many famous female singers, including Chungha‘s recent comeback title track, “Play”. Show both of them some love by watching the music video here!

Source: newsen