Chanyeol Just Wanted To Take A Nice Photo, But His Height Got In The Way And This Is What He Ended Up With

When your height is a blessing AND a curse.

There is one disadvantage of being tall.. and Chanyeol found out the hard way. 


Chanyeol stands at the height of 1.85 meters making him the tallest EXO member and one of the tallest male idol group members in the Korean music industry. 


His height may have come with a lot of attention and advantages but the singer has definitely experienced one unexpected disadvantage… 


As this fan pointed out, Chanyeol simply wanted his photo taken from the official photo booth. What he did not realise was when one is too tall for the booth, photos come out looking like this… 


Eventually, he and Kai found a trick. By slightly crouching and bending down, they were able to capture the poses they wanted! 


The trials of having such an attribute, amirite?