Charlie Puth Covered BTS’s “Dynamite”, And One Listen Will Bless Your Ears

You need to hear it!

BTS‘s “Dynamite” is exciting people all over the world—even A-list celebrities like Charlie Puth!

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On August 24, Charlie Puth released a 9 second cover of “Dynamite”. It may have been short and sweet, but it still left an impact on listeners!

Fans were all-praise for his heavenly vocals. BTS—who has performed with Charlie Puth in the past—is sure to enjoy his cover!

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ARMYs were quick to help those who didn’t know the song by sending them the link to “Dynamite’s” music video.

The cover unsurprisingly brought about calls for Charlie Puth and BTS to release a collaboration.

If the two were to collaborate, the song is bound to be a hit!

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Haven’t listened to “Dynamite” yet? Support BTS by watching their music video below: