China Has Their Own Version of “Produce 101” and Their Debut Group Is Smoking Hot

They’re getting a crazy amount of attention for their visuals.

The Chinese idol survival program, Produce Camp 2019, recently revealed the members who’ll be debuting, and their visuals are attracting overwhelming attention.

Following a fierce competition among many aspiring idols, 11 trainees were selected to debut through the show.

As expected from the debuting idols, they all possess outstanding singing and dancing ability, but what many didn’t expect was for all of them to look so handsome.

Zhou Zhennan, who took first place, flaunts fierce eyes, plump lips, sharp jaws, and is the only member without double eyelids.

1. Zhou Zhennan

Contrastingly, He Luoluo, who took second place, has big sparkling eyes and naturally smiling lips that make him look like the main lead of a comic.

2. He Luoluo

And Yan Xujia, who took third place, is known for having thick eyebrows, kind-looking eyes, and a high nose bridge.

3. Yan Xujia

Aside from the top three, the rest of the debuting members have heart-stopping visuals that will very likely steal the hearts of many fans in the years to come.

Check out the visuals of the 11 members of Produce Camp 2019‘s debut group below:

4. Xia Zhiguang

5. Yao Chen

6. Zhai Xiaowen

7. Zhang Yanqi

8. Liu Ye

9. Ren Hao

10. Zhao Lei


11. Zhao Rang

Source: Insight