China Planning To Launch A Train With No Tracks

China has revealed its newest, futuristic way to get around, and it’s far from being average.

This new train, called “Autonomous Rail Transit” was introduced for the first time last week in China.
The train runs on virtual tracks instead of actual rails and will ease the terrible congestion in many of China’s big cities.

To make matters better, it is also more environmentally friendly and cheaper than a normal train.
Powered by battery, the ART is capable of holding maximum 307 passengers and can go as fast as up to almost 44 miles per hour.

It stays on course using special sensors, that follow markings on the street, so the train knows exactly where to go at all times.

It is expected that the train will hit the streets in 2018, giving Chinese citizens an eco-friendly way to get around its busy cities.

No train tracks are needed for this train to run.