This Chinese Artist Beautifully Recreates Scenes From “Goblin” Using Only Sand

Sand artist Mingzhe in Sandland has taken Youtube and Chinese blogging site Weibo by storm after recreating the most iconic scenes from Goblin.

Known for her very accurate portrayals of the hottest trends in entertainment and mass media, Mingzhe once again delivered with a series of sand paintings depicting the most pivotal moments in the highly acclaimed drama. Considering the massive success of the show, it is no surprise that Goblin has garnered so many fans in every corner of the planet, including sand artists. See if you can piece together these iconic moments from Korea’s hottest winter drama:

Don’t worry, Eun-tak, we’re waiting for our own handsome Goblins too.
A bromance for the millennia. ‘Nuff said.
Despite their bickering, we know that what these two had was real—real enough for Kim Shin to hold Wang Yeo’s umbrella for him.
It’s definitely hard to capture how gorgeous Gong Yoo is, but Mingzhe’s effort gets pretty close to the real thing, a remarkable feat considering her craft only uses sand.

Set to Crush‘s “Beautiful”, this is definitely some fan art you don’t want to miss.

Check out the full video below: