Chinese Girl Steals $100,000 From Her Parents To Donate To A Streamer She Fell In Love With

Her mother was furious.

A 16-year-old Chinese girl spent 657,000 Yuan ($100,000 USD) buying virtual gifts for handsome online streamers and now her mother is demanding a refund for it!

Xiao Ya, a girl studying in Canada, used her tuition money and her mother’s bank account to give gifts to online streamers through a live streaming app called Inke.

She spent the money buying digital gifts such as flowers or a paradise island, whose costs range from 0.1 Yuan ($0.02 USD) to 3,350 Yuan ($510 USD). Xiao Ya stole her mother’s ID and bank account numbers to purchase these items.

All these gifts were used to show her affection to her favorite streamers who stream their daily lives online.

Xiao Ya’s mother filed a lawsuit to recover the money spent by her daughter back in September, but she lost and has since filed an appeal with Beijing No 3 Intermediate People’s Court.

“I was shocked when I found out my daughter had blown hundreds of thousands of yuan online, but my daughter told me: So what? Everyone else is doing it; even my classmate’s dad is in on the fun.”

— Xiao Ya’s Mother, Liu

Representatives from Inke expressed that they will implement a new system to supervise and protect underage users. However, in the case of Xiao Ya, they are unable to verify whether Xiao Ya actually made the purchases, because everything was registered under her mother’s name. They are also unable to trace the evidence of purchase due to the payments being made from overseas.