Chinese Man Falls In Love With Girl On Reality Dating Show.. Gets Rejected After Finally Appearing On It

Nothing is more painful than getting your heart broken… on television.

A Chinese man appeared on a dating show to confess feelings to the girl of his dreams but, unfortunately, those feelings weren’t mutual.


During his introduction, the man hoped to impress his dream girl with his wealth and achievements.

He said that he graduated from a Californian university with a music business degree, which means that his family is probably wealthy enough to send him abroad to study. He also claimed to earn $250,000 a year and possess a coveted Beijing residence. In short, this hopeless romantic is the complete Prince Charming package.


Then he played “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton


…and tried to win his fair lady’s heart through music.


Afterward, he confessed that this woman is the only reason he had decided to appear on the show.

As a viewer, he had previously seen her on the show and, after hearing her backstory, felt a connection to her. Both of them had experienced injuries in the past, due to motor vehicle accidents.


Making a romantic confession is difficult for anyone, but the thought of confessing on television in front of an audience can turn nervousness into sheer terror. Even so, this brave man took the risk and poured out his heart.

He told the woman that has been hurt before, but after seeing her on the show he gained the courage to love again. He felt that he could truly make her happy, saying that he is a good driver and that he wants to drive her around forever, to keep her safe.


His confession was like a monologue out of a K-Drama script and, maybe, that is where it should have stayed.

In reality, dumping a mountain of pent-up feelings on a stranger isn’t the best idea, no matter how sincere those feelings may be.


The more the man spoke, the more uncomfortable the woman became.


However, instead of turning him down immediately, the woman first asked him to shave his mustache (which he grew in her honour!) so she could see how he looked without it.


Afterward, the woman told him that although his personality is more mature than his age, she is seeking an older boyfriend who can take care of her.


He grew that mustache for nothing!


After his rejection, one of the other beautiful contestants said that she would like to date him instead.


Unfortunately, the heart-broken man was not interested.

Unhappy endings all around!


Watch the full segment below (concludes at 23:00):

Source: YouTube