Chinese Man Kills Woman And Child In Hit And Run While Drunk, Discovers He Killed His Own Wife And Child

He fled the scene of the crime, only to discover it was his own family.

In the Shandong province of China, A man, surnamed Zhang, was driving home drunk when he hit a woman and a child on an electric bike.


Zhang fled the scene, leaving the woman and child lying on the floor until a good samaritan discovered them and called the police.


When Zhang got home, the police were waiting for him. Police were able to track Zhang using surveillance footage of the accident.

Zhang at the scene of the crime.


It was only after Zhang was arrested that he discovered the victims of the hit-and-run were his own wife and son. Overwhelmed with emotions, Zhang broke down in tears as he was in police custody. But it was too late.

Zhang crying at the scene of the crime.


His son had died at the hospital, and his wife, who was transferred to the intensive care unit, was in a coma.


Zhang later revealed that his family had visited a relative’s house that night for dinner. He took the van home, while his wife had taken an electric bike with their son.

The electric bike after the accident.


Police reports indicate that the wife has yet to regain consciousness.

The son’s shoe at the scene of the accident.

Source: Dispatch, Lass and Daily Mail