Chinese Man Spent $40,000 On A Girlfriend He Met Online, But Her True Identity Was Even More Shocking

This man spent $40,000 on his online girlfriend who he had never met. When he found out who it actually was, he was mortified.

In September 2015, a man from Nanjing, China met a woman named Nanring through his best friend on an instant messenger and the two began a cyber relationship.

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Thereafter, Nanring began asking the man to borrow money stating various reasons she needed it right away.

She told the man her younger sister was seriously injured in a car accident and asked the man for money to pay for the medical bills. She also later asked to borrow money for various other reasons such as for her father’s gambling debt, mother’s cancer diagnosis, etc.


In December 2017 after more than two years since they met, the man realized that he let his girlfriend borrow approximately $40,000 USD and yet, they still had not met even once.

His girlfriend always made excuses when he asked her to a face-to-face date or tried to video chat.  Although the man started to become suspicious, he still trusted his girlfriend because she was introduced by his good friend of 12 years.


However, when he was rejected yet again on his invitation to meet on Valentine’s Day, he could not hold it in any longer and reported it to the police.

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According to the police report, Nanring turned out to be a person made up by his best friend! His friend with whom he had a 12-year-long friendship had been acting like his girlfriend, tricking him for 3 years.

The best friend began the act as a joke, but when they received a Christmas present through online chatting, the friend changed their mind and kept tricking the man.

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