Chinese Man Walks To The Subway Station Every Night For WiFi, Here’s The Heartbreaking Reason Why

He’s a hard-working family man.

This Chinese man walks to the subway every night to use their Wi-Fi so he can video call his family.


Ge Yuanzheng is a migrant worker who moved to Shanghai from Henan and is currently working in construction. As a construction worker, he makes between 200-300 Yuan ($31-47 USD) per day.


Due to his low salary, he lives with his colleagues in a small dorm. He rides a a second-hand bike and his dinner usually consists of $1 USD worth of vegetables, tofu, and rice.


After eating dinner, he heads out to the Changqing Road Subway Station in order to use their free Wi-Fi to call his family every day.


Ge Yuanzheng’s phone plan costs him 28 Yuan ($4.42 USD) a month and only gives him 50 minutes of talk and 100MB of data. His wife had no idea he was using the Subway’s Wifi to call them everyday.

Ge Yuangzhen plans on returning home for Lunar New Year on February 16 and giving his wife a new cell phone.

Source: Beijing News