Choo Sarang Is Growing Up Way Too Fast (7+ Photos)

Check out these recent photos of Choo Sarang!

This little cutie who was absolutely adored by the viewers of The Return of Superman is growing so fast!


Choo Sarang will be turning 7 this year!

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She is all ready for spring with her spring dress and cherry blossoms in the background!


The last time she appeared on TV was on the Choo family’s reality show Choovely’s Outing, which aired in fall of 2017.

She shows with her hand that she’s 5 years old.


Even then, she had grown so much compared to 4 years ago on The Return of Superman.


But now, within just less than a year, it looks like she’s grown up even more!

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But Choo Sarang still has those cute and lovely eyes.


She’s already begun following her mom’s footsteps as a beautiful model!

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Choo Sarang posing for a Tommy Hilfiger shoot.


Just like her stunning ageless mom, Yano Shiho!

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The mother and daughter look extremely close and alike in this lovely photo.


Nonetheless, even though Choo Sarang is getting bigger, she’s still super cute and has the same aegyo as before.


Fans will look forward to watching her continue to grow into a more and more beautiful young lady!

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Source: Instagram