Choreographer Choi Young Jun Shares Creative Ways He Thinks Of K-Pop Choreographies

He gets ideas from anything.

Choreographer Choi Young Jun is known for having choreographed for many K-Pop artists, such as TWICE, SEVENTEEN, WANNA ONE, etc.

Many also know him from being a dance trainer and choreographer on the Produce series.

His rise to fame was not an easy one and he only started to get noticed after 9 years of performing at a nightclub. It wasn’t until a famous idol saw his talents and wanted to work with him that his career started to get bigger.

He gets inspiration for his choreographies from anything, sometimes it can even be things from his personal life that sparks his creative ideas.

Sometimes, the inspiration is more thought out and is used to match the members of a certain group, SEVENTEEN was an example of these groups. With the amount of energy and members that SEVENTEEN possesses, the choreography should also be created in a way to match that, as well as the type of song they are trying to portray.