Chrisha Choo Wowed YG CEO Who Offered To Bring G-Dragon and BLACKPINK

CEO Yang Hyun Suk has fallen head over heels for KPOP STAR 6 contestant Chrisha Choo (a.k.a. KrieSha Tiu), from the Philippines.

On the January 15 episode of SBS’s KPOP STAR 6, Chrisha Choo and Jeon Minju performed their rendition of Ariana Grande’s “Problem”.

Their performance was absolutely flawless. Despite the energetic choreography, they were able to sing the lyrics perfectly and their dancing was smooth and in sync.

The audience and other contestants were watching in awe and the judges were clearly enjoying their incredible vocals and confident showmanship.

When their performance ended, JYP‘s Park Jin Young praised them immensely:

“This is worth 100 points, not 99. There was nothing to criticize at all.”

Yang Hyun Suk immediately wanted to cast Chrisha Choo, and said:

“I want to add another 10 points to Park Jin Young’s 100.”

The two battled for Chrisha by offering something in return if she were to join their team. Yang Hyun Suk offered to bring G-Dragon and BLACKPINK to the show, while Park Jin Young went further and said he’d give everything to get Chrisha Choo to join his team.

In the end, Chrisha Choo decided to go with YG.

Enjoy their empowering performance below!

Source: Dispatch