Some Chungha Fans Are Not Happy That She’s Making a Comeback with I.O.I

Some fans are happy, some fans are not.

The idol group, I.O.I, which was born through Mnet’s Produce 101, will be making a comeback, but as much as there are fans who are happy for their reunion, some others are expressing their dissatisfaction with Chungha‘s involvement.

Recently, a post titled, “The Reason Why Chungha Fans Are Mad at Chungha Reuniting with I.O.I” surfaced in various online communities.

The post consists of a screenshot of negative comments expressing their sadness regarding Chungha’s reunion with I.O.I.

Some fans are not happy with her decision because she’s going back to a group after establishing a solid foundation as a solo artist.

Chungha debuted as a solo artist in June 2017 and made a lot of hit songs such as “Roller Coaster”, “Love U”, “Gotta Go”, and more.

Another fan expressed their worry that Chungha might receive less attention than before now that she’ll be standing on a stage with other members.

But some other fans are defending the idol’s decision by expressing that Chungha was only able to become this popular because she first debuted with I.O.I.

I.O.I is set to debut this coming October with a new album.

Source: Insight